Dock Rollers

Dock Roller Deflector

This exclusive product manufactured by Motivation provides a unique alternative to dock fendering. Dock roller assembly can be welded on top side of deck or dock and used as a deflector/bumper device to prevent damage to docks ships and barges.

Custom sizes and configurations for corners, walls, cells, etc...

Wheels are solid impact rubber with a crop outpin designed for easy replacement Bearings sealed and maintenance free.

Dock Bumpers, Corner
Bumpers & Roller Bumpers

No Nails* Dock Bumper System

Our newest and neatest! Now any wooden-sided dock - old or brand new installation, can be beautified quickly and easily with new Jim Buoy No Nails* Dock Bumper System. All it takes is one man, a helper and a hammer. The corner bumper,designed with a recessed step, if first nailed into place, then followed by nailing the side bumper strip to form a snugly fitting lap joint. In a few minutes the installation becomes routine. the finished job will enhance any dock area and best of all the installation nails are all hidden from normal view! Manufactured from the finest UV Inhibited, all white Marine Vinyl, it will provide years of trouble-free service. For ease in handling, we recommend to avoid freezing cold weather during installation as the vinyl is much more flexible on a warm day. Please call for complete details. *Hidden from normal view.

*All installation Nails Are Hidden From Normal View - Both dockside and from approaching vessels!

No Nails* Display Pack Starter Kit

  • Each pack contains 2 each. #5005 No Nails*
  • Corner Bumpers and 48 ft. #5009 No Nails*
  • Side Bumper Strips plus 600 stainless steel nails.
  • Model# 5009-X-1 Display pack per ctn., ship. wt. 40 lbs.,
  • UPS OK

Corner Bumpers

Superior protection at no added cost - Both models are designed with an extra volume of cushion at the point of contact and are molded from whit, weather resistant marine vinyl...the best material available for use at this critical point of impact. The new, heavy-duty #5008 is designed to take the beating of all larger and heavier vessels. Similar in construction as the popular #5007 and designed to match the configuration of the new #5013 dock bumper to provide a trim installation.

Model #5007

  • 8" x 8" x 4" ht. 12 per ctn.
  • ship wt 16 lbs.

Model #5008

  • 10" x 10" x 6" ht. 6 per ctn.,
  • ship wt. 14 lbs.

Dock Bumpers

Just about any size or style you may require!

Model #5010

  • High Crown, UV Inhibited
  • White vinyl manufactured with generous overlap
  • a combination of beauty and strength

Model #5012

  • Industrial Duty
  • UV Inhibited
  • Extra heavy duty white vinyl and much larger in size for heavy commercial traffic or larger vessels

Model #5011

  • Piling Bumper
  • Usually mounted vertically to protect against those monstrous pilings that are always in the wrong place.

Model #5013

  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • UV Inhibited
  • Protects the more expensive larger and heavier boats.
  • Matches new, larger #5008 corner bumper in size and configuration.

Model #5010

  • 3 1/2" white vinyl
  • 6 ft long
  • 10 lengths per carton
  • ship. wt 42 lbs

Model #5012

  • 7 1/2" white vinyl
  • 10 ft long
  • 2 lengths per carton
  • ship wt. 110 lbs.

Model #5011

  • 2" white vinyl
  • 6 feet long
  • 10 lengths per carton
  • ship. wt. 46 lbs.

Model #5013

  • Heavy white vinyl
  • l5 1/2" width, 2 1/2" depth
  • 6 ft. long
  • 3 lengths per ctn.
  • ship wt. 44 lbs.

Roller Bumpers

  • Three Great Sizes - All Models Available With Corner or Straight Mount Bases!
  • New Model #5016 - In Answer to Many Requests For Greatest Possible Standoff!
  • Sealed Inflation - For Years of Trouble Free Use!

All models provide a substantial cushion in the most troublesome tides, currents or fresh breezes. Finest heavy-duty vinyl wall construction with hot dipped galvanized or epoxy coated steel hardware throughout and large sizes feature a 2" diameter axle housing to assure maximum strength under severe conditions.
(Designate corner or straight mount when ordering, i.e. 5006-S or 5006-C).

Model #5000

  • 12" dia. x 6" high
  • single pack
  • ship wt. 16 lbs.

Model #5006

  • 6" dia. x 3" high
  • 6 per pack,
  • ship wt. 14 lbs.

Model #5016

  • 16" dia. x 6" high
  • single pack
  • ship wt. 20 lbs.

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